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Having a web site allows you the freedom of having your information available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Best of all, the people who want your information can access it from pretty much anywhere they are! The Internet will change the way a lot of us do business now, and in the future.

  If you are interested in having your own web site, here's a checklist of the things you will need.


1. A domain name. Domain names are available on a first come first serve basis. Some are already taken. In order to find out if <> is taken, you must do a name search with Network Solutions.

The cost of registering a domain is based by Network Solutions, and at present they are:

$70 to register the domain name. The $70 registration fee covers the first 2 years. After the first 2 years, the fee is $35 a year. NTS can help you through the registration procedure.

2. A Domain Host. A domain host is the server where your web site resides. There are different operating systems running the host's servers. UNIX and NT are the most popular, and each have their own benefits. NTS professionals can point you in the right direction. If you use forms you will need a CGI, active server page or FrontPage compatible server depending on the type of data and forms. The domain hosts have packages based upon traffic, interactive data and total megabyte web site size.

3. A Dial-up Account. This account enables you to connect to the internet. Some domain hosts require you to have a dial-up account with them. Usually those hosts have the best prices.

4. A developed web site. NTS has a step by step procedure for putting your information on the web in an attractive, informative, and easy to use web site. NTS can provide all the art, logos, graphics and photography if needed, keeping your web site unique. NTS can provide all your interactive forms and databases if needed. NTS can provide you with a custom tailored E-mail package with as many addresses as needed.


Please take a look at some NTS developed web sites below

Casey Automotive
Gerald Cote and Associates, Inc
North Star Audio
Tricast Corporation
Smart Access Mortgage
Concorde Tools, Inc.

Contracted HTML, Web Graphics and Layout for database connected E-Commerce sites are linked below. These sites feature secure on-line ordering, E-Mail, catalogs and shopping carts that automatically and securely populate a database sending the required information to the correct areas of your business. By using the latest technologies such as JavaScript and server generated HTML, your site is individually custom programmed to perform precise database interactivity and business functions. Handling credit card orders, inventory and shipping are only some of the many possibilities NTS can provide that can streamline your business and lower overhead costs. When you need E-Commerce solutions for your web site, NTS can deliver the goods.

Hubs Peanuts, Inc.
Iowa 80 Truckstops


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