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   Finally there's an affordable alternative to your immediate technology needs.

From the years of past accomplishments, NTS has affiliated itself with the industry experts and leaders in the greater Chicagoland area.

We are now offering Solution Providers on a short term or project basis. You have the option of us staying on to train the permanent staff on the technology implemented.

Our expert staff has a solution for your system, server and application needs.

Try NTS for your next solution.


Try NTS for your temporary needs

  With hundreds of recruiters available in the Chicago area, very few have actual on the job consulting experience leading to many miss-matched applicants.

The NTS staff has over 20 years of hands on experience in the computer field.

NTS has managed IT and MIS departments. That enables smooth placements from entry level to expert technicians, programmers and department managers.

A large percentage of our contracted consultants are willing to become your permanent employees should the situation arise.

NTS won't waste your valuable time trying to figure out what skill set combination you are in need of.


NTS conversion fees are lower!

  NTS knows that finding a permanent placement in a corporation isn't easy. A company has exclusive needs for dependable employees. The employee must fit the company's spectrum of technology.

NTS is not a body shop. We have successful long term relationships with our people, and are discovering new talent daily.

NTS is committed to developing a win-win situation between the applicant and the employer. You can opt for a temporary to permanent placement. In effect you can "try before you buy". You will be pleased to find the NTS conversion fees are lower.

Affordable web designs? - Try NTS!

   NTS has over 7 years experience in web related design and development.

We believe web presence will be the malls and salesmen of the future. Because of the urgent growing needs for professional web presence, many developers reach deep into your pockets. Let's face it, web publishing has gotten much easier. It costs much less to publish a full color glossy web page than printing a similar color brochure. That's why we've broken the barriers on web site cost.

NTS's web staff develops your entire web site in-house. All the art, graphics, animations, forms, type and photos can be developed by NTS webmasters using the latest technologies.

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